How to take care of hair naturally

Take care of hair naturally

A bad hair day is a natural thing. That famous model’s plants in hair care ads seem like a castle in the air for you most of the time. We agreed many times, but most of them went a bit overboard.

With the help of many hair specialists today, they would do the castle in the year of getting healthy hair into reality with proper hair care but hair a question arises how to take care of your hair naturally?

Discover a calculated list of many hair care tips in this article, but before going deep into the hair care tips, we must know about the types of hair.

Basic hair types

According to the dermatologist, hair is divided into four different types.

  • « Straight
  • « Wavy
  • « Curly
  • Coily

These are the basic hairstyle hair types. These hair types are further divided into additional subcategories, making them 12 different hair types. These hair types sometimes seem the simplest, but it isn’t very clear how to identify the type of your hair and then how to care for it naturally.

How to take care of hair

How do I identify my hair type?

Identification of hair type mostly comes done by examining your hair strands, the description and example of various hair types, and subtitles. So let’s take a close look at your hair and the description of every hair type given.

Type 1: straight hair:

Straight hairs usually have no texture or very little. Depending upon the subtype, adding text to these hairs is difficult. This hair type is getting real earlier and quicker than any other hair type. They can be down easily. They are the most lightweight hair.

  • Type 1a: fine and straight
  • Type 1b: having a little more volume
  • Type 1c: curl resistant

Type 2: Wavy hairs:

Wavy hairs are somehow similar to straight hair type 1. Because they are curly and tense to get weight more easily from dirt, oil, and chemical products. These get some volume and body, and they also have texture.

  • Type 2a: wavy follows an S-shaped pattern
  • Type 2b: more defined S-shaped pattern
  • Type 2c: having wider waves.

Type 3: curly hairs: 

If you say actual bounce-back-like structures similar to spring, it will be defined as curls instead of the loser as shape waves your hairs have curls. This type of hair needs more maintenance than any other type they need a special type of brush and clarifying shampoo to eliminate their build-up and for effective brushing of the defined curves

  • Type 3a: no definite curl pattern is visible.
  • Type 3b: curls getting tighter
  • Type 3c: corkscrew curls most tightened.

Type 4: coily hairs:

Coily hairs are the defining sister of curly hairs. As they need a complete focus on hair health and moisture. 

They are vulnerable to dryness and require a lot of care.

  • Type 4a: O-shaped pattern
  • Type 4b: z-shaped pattern
  • Type 4c: toughest O-shaped pattern.

After getting knowledge about hair types, it is important to take care of your hair naturally.

Now we explore some hair care that you may do to take care of your hair hope that it will help you a lot.

Wash your hair.

Wash your hair regularly and ensure that your scalp is brief oil and dirt the right frequency of washing your hair depends on the hair type you have any personal preference. If you have extremely dry hair, try to wash it twice a week, but if you have an oily scalp, it would be preferable to wash your hair on alternate days.

Try the best suitable shampoo

It is impossible to control all the environmental factors damaging your hair but using the best suitable shampoo is in your hand. Just think of the number of chemicals in your shampoo. You can get to know your hair type and choose something that suits your hair.

Dry your hair naturally

We know that being inspired by the models or idols on TV or in ads shows that the blow drying hair makes your hair more beautiful instead of excessive heat styling damages your hair. Try to dry your hair naturally instead of using blow drawing technology and limit it to essential events if you want to style it according to it. Never comb your hair when wet, and never sleep in wet hair.

Properly oil your hair

Oiling and massaging your hair before taking sure will improve blood circulation on the scarf and relax your muscles. It also gives a boost and Shine to your hair and nourishes it with the proper nutrients required. It has hair growth and repair split ends. Different hair care oils are used today, like coconut, almond, olive, castor, and many others. Avoid using Mineral oil on your hair.

Trim your hair regularly. 

In hair care, it is important to trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends. Trimming does not increase the growth rate, but it ensures healthy hair.

Drink plenty of water:

 Drinking at least 3 l of water daily will ensure healthy hair—the most effective and easy remedy for our health. Additionally keeping hydrated is also good for overall body health.

Eat healthily: 

For proper Natural care of your hair, you must have eggs. Additionally, you must have some amounts of green vegetables or something enriched in protein and amino acids in your food, as we all know that hair is made up of proteins and amino acids. It needs the right amount of Nutrition proteins for its growth. Hair, we go with the proverb You are what you eat, which fits with hair and skin care.

Save from sunlight:

Sunlight has Harsh effects on your skin as well as on your hair. Dangerous sun rays will eliminate all the moisture from your hair, making it dry, brittle, and damaged. So if you want to protect your hair from sunburn, wear a hat or cap whenever you leave your house. Try to use caps while swimming, as the chlorinated water of the swimming pool is not good for your hair.

How to take care

 Hair care don’ts 

1. Hot showers: 

Try to shower your hair with lukewarm water as hot showers remove all the natural oil from your hair skin, and your hair becomes dry and flaking

2. Stress: 

Stress is the basic cause of unhealthy hair and hair fall. So if you see someone with healthy, thick hair, it doesn’t mean that you have to worry about your hair. Just a little less will make your hair healthy.

3. Chemicals

Try to protect your hair from chemical dying and hair treatments that affect your hair follicles. It will decrease hair growth and also be the main cause of hair fall

4. Saltwater hair wash: 

Saltwater harms your hair cuticles and causes hair to get tangled. Avoid salt water as much as you can.

Some homemade remedies to take care of hair naturally

1. Apply warm oil 

Grandma was always right about warm oil. Because it will increase hair growth. Additionally, warm oil works wonders and miracles for your scalp’s health texture. As it increases the growth of your hair.

Hair are some of the oils Mentioned below that are used for your hair care growth

  • Coconut oil is locally available and cheap, but it works wonders for your hair. Also it repairs split ends, removes dandruff, and gives shine to your hair. And it makes them softer and silky.
  • Castor oil: moisturizes your hair and prevents the hair from flaking. Also, it reduces the breakage of hair from roots and provides nourishment.

2. Use rice water

A woman who lives in the Chinese village of Huangluo is known for their longest hair, as their record is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. Chinese think the long hair as a sign of good luck and charm. The only secret behind these long hairs is the rice water, considered a shampoo and the simplest ancient remedy or magic potion for the Chinese. It no doubt works wonders by strengthening your hair. Around 17% of proteins and nutrients essential for long and healthy hair are present.

Rice water is used as a shampoo. It prevents your hair from greying and breakage and makes them thicker.

3. Eggs:

As we all know, our hairs are made up of proteins, so they need proteins for their proper growth. An egg mask is undoubtedly considered the most potent remedy for healthy hair as it is the best source of vitamin B and all the essentials necessary for good hair health. It avoids premature greying of your hair. Use the yolk and The White egg as a moisturizer for dry locks. It provides all the essential nutrients to your hair. Take two eggs, break all these eggs on your head, and rinse well, then follow up with a usual shampoo or conditioner as you like. It provides shine to your hair.

4. onion juice

Onion juice is considered the best remedy against bacterial infection. Because onions are beneficial for hair growth and Regrowth. Additionally, it protects the scalp from infection and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Other than these features it also prevents hair from becoming brittle and breaking.

Take three onions to squeeze their juice, and apply all over your scalp; leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with the shampoo.

5. Constantly hydrate yourself:

Don’t forget to add some juices or oils to your diet, as internal hydration is important for external hydration to keep things in balance. Hydration will provide sufficient oils to the scalp of your head and protect it from dryness and a dull look.

6. Green tea

Don’t forget to apply as much green tea as possible, as it is rich in EGCG. Also, it takes away dandruff from the scalp of your hair. Additionally, it regulates the scalp’s protein level, nourishes it, and hydrates it. Moreover, Green tea is rich in antioxidants.

 hair naturally

What happens when we don’t care:

When we don’t take care of our hair, we sometimes feel dandruff and dryness. Soon hair starts falling, and its growth stops. Their shine would go, and they look dull.

When you don’t wash your hair for a long time, it will collect more dust in your hair that closes the aeration pores of your hair as well. As it sometimes causes infections in the scalp. So using the chemical-enriched product makes the scalp become itchy and leads to hair fall. That’s why always remember a healthy hair requires struggles to keep it looking fresh. And there would be no secret treatments for them. It Just includes maintaining your daily routines by adding small tweaks to maintain your hair effortlessly. So when your hair is in perfect shape, it feels lush. But not taking care of them would become a challenge as they are prone to dryness and Dullness, breakage and frizz, and more.

Wrapping up of how to take care of hair naturally:

So eating the right kind of food, avoiding chemical-free products that are specially created for your type of hair for straight hairs curly, coily, or wave hairs by avoiding heat styling, and following all of the above tips by doing hair Dos and avoiding the don’t just lower the temperature of your water by applying oil and massaging before taking a shower you can and a bad hair day with a Goodbye and get the most beautiful hair that you can style them according to yourself. More importantly, if you have excessive hair fall and dandruff issues, then the desire to follow daily care routines naturally. Just consult a Dermatologist. They will give you the best treatment for your hair. Don’t be stressed by looking at someone’s thicker hair. The stress level will make your hair duller and thinner.

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