How to grow hair faster

Grow hair faster

A million-dollar question for almost every person who wants to make their hair healthy and long with incredible strength that how to grow hair faster. Believe it or not, we want to advise our readers that growing hair is not magic or there is no magic trick behind which makes it possible over time. It needs more consistency and a common approach to hair care routine. The fact is that any procedure or home remedy used for hair health needs consistency for an extended period. There is no shortcut, but some healthy hacks give results in days. But even though getting objective requires a long consistent manner schedule routine.

Here we can explore some of the most fruitful and healthies remedies to meet the query of how to grow hair faster, longer and thicker naturally at home.

First of all, we need to understand one important myth behind it which helps to understand the simple secret for the maintenance of healthy hair. Hair is also a part of our body; as the whole body becomes healthy, affect positively on hair health as well and vice versa.

Factors Affecting Hair Growing

  • Age
  • Body overall health
  • Hair category
  • Nutrition values
  • Body overall health

Before exploring the main topic, which is hair growth, we should understand the mechanism of hair growth and participate in three stages:


The longest stage of the hair growth cycle remains about three to five years maximum. It’s the most active stage of hair among all the stages. During the period of Anagen, the hair is about to grow 1 centimetre. The most interesting thing is that at any stage of hair growth, about 80% of the hair portion belongs to the anagen stage.


This is the second stage of hair growth after the anagen stage. But this is a short transition phase of hair growth. And if we talk about the transition period, it’s estimated to be about 2 to 3 weeks. The phase begins at the end of the anagen stage.


After the Catagen phase, it shifts into the telogen phase or stage of hair. The telogen phase’s transition is long and lasts about 3 to 4 months as this is the final stage where about 50 to 100 hair naturally falls. So after 3 or 4 months, the cycle returns to the anagen phase to reproduce.

To increase the length and strength of hair, we need to look at some of the major steps to practice and follow in our daily routine life. Because nothing is possible in the overnight mechanism, it’s a long run with a consistent routine to care for your hair properly.

By using supplements and antioxidants.

  • Avoid any physical or mental stress, and make it possible by exercising or working out.
  • Avoid dehydration and optimum moisturize hair all the time.
  • Uncontaminated scalp
  • Uncontaminated scalp
  • Cutting and trimming in the proper manner and schedule
  • Getting plenty of sleep is the key to health
  • A well-balanced clean diet including rich nutrient food.
  • Finally, be gentle with the hair as it’s the most representable part of your personality with some protective hairstyle.
  • Use essential oil by giving a gentle massage to your scalp regularly
  • Avoid any attractive artificial hair treatment, including bleach and chemical ingredients that greatly harm hair health.
  • Overusing shampoo and conditioner is also harmful to hair
  • Changing the styling of hair every day or excessive heat hair styling also damages the hair.
  • Changing hair colour is also harmfully effective and brings damage with some sort of shedding as well.
  • Treat wet hair gently because the reason behind water weakens the hair. So coming in wet hair should be done with great care and gentle way.
  • Treat wet hair gently because the reason behind water weakens the hair. So coming in wet hair should be done with great care and gentle way.
  • Instead of rubbing with a towel after washing hair, dry it by wrapping it with a dry towel until it’s dry.
  • An extreme diet for weight loss also slows down hair growth which ultimately breaks the hair growth cycle.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Looking for experts and professionals in case of any abnormality in the hair growth cycle.
Hair grow

How to grow curly hair faster

Practically there is no other science or any personal myth behind the growth of curly hair. It is the same as another type of hair. The same remedies and formulas are also applied to curly hair. Usually, people with fully curly hair adopt a short hairstyle like a bob cut. But if you miss the pony hairstyle, then I must advise you to be reassured that this type also grows naturally with or sometimes more than that.

But when we are talking about maintenance and styling of curly hair a little bit more difficult than others. It demands more maintenance with more heating treatment. More chances of breakage are also possible that’s why people assume it’s difficult to make it long. But it’s not true as care with proper manner makes it easy as others. Just follow the simple and easy steps if you like to grow your curly hair which is here below:

Limit washing hair or make some intervals in washing

Use shampoo and conditioner slowly like a massage until it reaches out to the roots and full length of hair.

Use an open and wider soft comb. Start combing at every turn from the root to the length.

Do not rub the hair after taking a shower or washing hair. Rubbing with a towel in the moisturized hair makes it breakage and weak in strength. Just wrap lightly over the hair for some time until it comes dry.

Usually, give more heating treatment to the curly hair if it’s about to style or iron it in a straight style. Occasionally it’s fine to use an iron and dryer. But more regularly makes the hair weaker, and shedding is always more on the way.

All the time, putting curly hair in the pony makes them weak, and the reason behind shedding is also. Even the pony style should be light and not tight, as women usually do for pony hair styling. Curly hair pony style should be free and light to make it good for health.

Obviously without oiling don’t even think that any type of hair including curly gets strong. Curly hair is rough so more oiling is required.

Trimming regularly brings styling and straight length in a balanced way so make it regularly at home and after a short period should visit a saloon or expert place to get it in the best shape.

How do make chin hair grow faster?

It’s all about the choice of men. Some men are always looking for advice or tips to grow chest hair, while others are looking to remove it properly. Some women believe that men without chest hair are not men, and some oppose this opinion. So it’s all about fascinating something, but we are here to explore the tips to grow chest hair healthily. Here are some of the listings:

We begin this with the most common tip which is oiling and massage. It’s an old myth that massages the chest twice or thrice with any oil to get chest hair fast.

Testosterone is the major factor in growing hair on the chest. If testosterone is at the ideal or near the ideal level, the hair on your chest is always in good and healthy shape. So whenever looking for tips to grow chest or any body part hair should check the hormone level in the body. You can get some supplements from your doctor to get the hormone at the right level. Proper eye on your balanced and healthy diet along with daily exercise to get your metabolism on the ideal stage.

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How to grow hair faster on the forehead?

Forehead hair back takes back the personality confidence. But instead of worrying try to implement several different remedies which are specific for the forehead hair growing back. This is because our hectic lifestyle doesn’t give us a chance to look after or notice as our forehead becomes broader. It is alarming for us to take care of hair fall as it leads to hair loss.

There are several reasons behind this hair fall. Which includes the overuse of shampoo and conditioners participating in massive artificial chemical agents. It is also because some people have genetic reasons. Which actually can’t be handled by any remedy if it is the actual reason. Food intake is also the reason. More junk and oily food disturb our metabolism and digestive system which overall affects all body functions.

What we are including here

Here we will bring all the secret remedies in the article. Which are specific for the forehead hair to grow back and help you out from the trauma. And it also helps to stop or at least reduce the risk of baldness.

Organic remedies are advisable

For the first step, we can explore the medication’s way which is less likely to apply. Because it is advisable to take organic remedies for growth. Many medications exist nowadays those days which claim to include organic ingredients. But everybody knows that it’s how much a true statement. So we are not going to expose any of the medication claims. But advising to prepare anything by your hand is much better than bringing it from any outsourcing.

Essential oils

Hair essential oils also have a great role in hair growth on the forehead. Castor oil, coconut oil, and apricot oil are famous for hair care. Especially for hair regrowth on the forehead. These all oils stimulate hair health. Whatever oil you like to apply that does not matter as all oils are healthy to use. But make sure during application gentle massage is essential to help to absorb the oil properly. Use any oil applied to the targeted area regularly to get results.

Homemade Hair masks

Hair masks are famous for hair health. But also good for the regrowth of hair on the forehead as well as any other part. So applying it at regular intervals brings good results. Make hair masks at home or bring them from any store. But make sure organic ingredients will give more benefits than artificial agents included in the commercial hair masks.

Choice of Herbs

Herbs are always the first choice for any type of health objective. Forehead hair regrowth also some of the herbs are giving good results which are also used for overall hair health. It also helps to stop or reduce at least hair loss. Herbs include green tea, ginkgo Biloba, aloe Vera, ginseng, rose water, gooseberry, and herbal masks that help to speed up the hair regrowth cycle. As well as prevent hair shedding from the scalp by providing strength and energy. Herbal shampoo and conditioners which include herbs only or add herbs on it are also more fruitful than any other shampoo and conditioner.

How to grow hair faster on legs

The corner of the article is not for women because it’s about legs and hair which are commonly unwanted for women. Some men like but some do not like it, for women, it is removed. But some think it’s good for the personalities to distinguish their legs from women. But mostly men feel embraced if there is no hair on their legs.

There are several hacks and home remedies that are very easy to apply to get the optimum results. So we can explore it here for your kind review and information.

The simplest and easiest remedy is to rub your feet with a towel for a few minutes which is not more than 15 to 20 minutes every day and you will be surprised by getting fast results in a day. Make sure the towel is thin. Rub it until you feel some reddish skin then stop for a while and then again give some repetition for 15 to 20 minutes only.

Aloe Vera is the best natural source for this purpose. Apply it smoothly on all leg areas and keep it for some time to absorb and dry. The results are very fast and good using this remedy.

Essential oils including coconut oil; and olive oil are good to apply by following the mechanism of gentle massage to get healthy hair on the legs quickly.

A balanced diet is a key factor in hair-growing cycles in any part of the body. So well balanced diet including essential vitamins and other rich sources used to grow hair faster in the leg area as well.

How to grow children’s hair faster?

Hair length may be the choice but hair health is the objective for everyone. Hair length is always in the grooming phase but we cannot notice the variation as it grows very slowly or is unnoticeable. Usually, as per research studies,1/2 inch of our hair grows almost within a month. So according to this in a year 6 inches could be expected.

As we discuss above several factors affect hair growth but in children, hair growth is in the highest speed phase. Children are in the grooming phase and everybody is always in the growing phase. Special care routines require the children’s hair to keep hair growing in inconsistent patterns.

strong hair

Let’s go through some of the major affecting tips on the hair growth cycle:

  • Children’s skin and hair are very sensitive so shampoo and conditioners are not for them. Try to make organic shampoo at home or get it from some organic store.
  • Essential oil applied to children’s scalps should be regularly.
  • Hairstyle whatever you like the most but make sure it’s in the protected hairstyle category. Do not try to attempt difficult hairstyles on your children’s heads.
  • Strictly avoid any type of hair styling tools from your children’s heads. Use only a comb or brush to give a simple and easy freestyle which makes them always relax.
  • Trimming hair by yourself weekly or whatever the speed of hair growth but once a month should visit the expert place to get the hair in a proper direction and style according to the hair category and type.
  • Stay hydrated get moisture of hair properly and maintain it regularly.
  • Well, a balanced diet for our children gives a boost to their hair growth cycle.
  • The diet should include rich sources of vitamins, iron, and calcium like peanuts, spinach, and corn.
  • Try to make your children habitual of drinking water four to six glasses a day.
  • Some of the essentials which are necessary for our children’s health.
  • Vitamin B: A major factor in hair growth is keratin which is developed in the human body by maintaining the level of vitamin B.
  • Vitamin E: Stimulates the hair growth cycles.
  • Folic acid:  makes hair strong and gives it great strength.
  • Calcium: It’s very important for the bones. Found in all types of dairy products.

Home remedies for speeding up the hair growth cycle

How to grow hair faster with castor oil

Castor oil is one of the best ingredients which boost the hair-growing cycle. The phenomena are also very simple to use. Just take some drops and apply them to the targeted area with gentle massage for some time until it’s fully absorbed.

But it’s not advisable to use it regularly. Ir regular schedule of using castor oil is giving much more benefits. Once a week is enough to use at the adult body top to get maximum results. Excess use of castor oil is not beneficial.

The effect of castor oil is getting dryness in the scalp so we cannot retain our scalp after castor oil massage. Advisable to wash the scalp a maximum of 3 to 4 hours after applying the castor oil to avoid any sort of dryness in the head.

The best advantage of castor oil massage on eyebrows. The hair of the eyebrows is growing very fast after applying castor oil with gentle massage.

How to grow hair faster with coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil, as a beauty tip, are also used for food and cooking. It’s a very healthy oil in the oil family, which has multiple health benefits; yet we want to mention one important aspect of coconut oil, it’s been long used by our grand and grandparents for hair growing. So we can believe that coconut oil is helpful for hair growth but not say how much time it takes to make it happen or how it varies from human to human.

Let us explore some of the major observations of the healthy benefits of coconut oil with our hair.

  • Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat. Which makes it a healthy ingredient for our scalp head and hair roots.
  • Mainly coconut oil involves in the moisturizer of our hair with the extra benefit of strengthening the hair.
  • Before drying our hair after taking a shower, we can use a small amount of coconut oil on our wet hair to avoid as much heat damage to our hair by applying a heating hairstyle.
  • Coconut oil is a famously healthy hair mask in combination with aloe Vera which cleans hair in the proper way to get all types of dirt from the roots.
  • As per authentic research, it preserves the level of protein in the hair which deliberately increases the growth and health of hair by preventing split ends. Another way to use coconut oil as a conditioner is to avoid split ends
  • As everybody knows Ultra Violet rays have a great threat to the health of our skin and hair, so with great possession against Ultra violet rays in coconut oil we can apply to it our hair before leaving a place where more chance of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

How to grow hair faster with coffee?

The benefits of coffee for our full body can surely need long article, but here we can filter only for the hair.

There is some uniqueness as well with the coffee benefits and advantages to our overall health. Because not all the researchers agree with such huge benefits by the way. But most of the research with practical observation concludes that coffee is such a healthy ingredient that enhances our health by drinking or oral usage with the proper recipe.

So some of the prompt advantages are briefly catagorize here for your kind information:

  • Coffee can restore our hair health and growth in a proper manner. When we can habitually apply coffee once or twice a week to our scalp helps stop or slow the process of hair and with the passage of time increases hair growth more than hair in a natural way.
  • Coffee is full of caffeine which stimulates hair growth as well as stops or reduces hair shedding speed.
  • Since coffee is full of caffeine, it stimulates blood flow by drinking regularly.

How to grow hair faster with cloves?

One of the essential spices with a sweet musky smell for the Asian kitchen is also used to grow hair faster and stop hair shedding healthily. This is how we can prove this myth by using our kitchen remedies. We can make our hair healthy instead of spending thousands of dollars and visiting again and again, expensive saloons. Our kitchen includes everything we need to make our whole body healthy and super. And cloves are on the list of these remedies as well.

Additionally,Cloves are very helpful to make our food with a good smell. So usually, use almost every recipe in a very small amount of quantity. It comes from the clove tree in the form of dried flowers. Also,it originally included sodium, omega, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K, and many other essential ingredients required to prepare any good shampoo and conditioner at a professional level.

However,Clove in the form of oil is usually helpfull to protect the hair and when need to boost hair growth. By Applying on the head gently until it reaches the scalp to get the maximum benefit for hair health.

As we mention above cloves is full of rich ingredient which is essential for shampoo and conditioner. So it is also the best natural conditioner that gives shine and a good look to the hair.

How to grow hair faster with rice water?

It’s, by the way, already a very common home remedy at the side of Asia and the china region for hair growth for generations. Moreover, rice water is also very good for skin glow as well.

As commonly leftover from the cooked rice which is famously known as starchy water is helpful for stopping hair shedding and increasing the number of hair growth each day. Though it’s not easy to apply on hair for people who are sensitive to smell. But according to the benefits essential to apply if hair growth is not working overall.

This soaked rice water contains several rich natural ingredients. Which mainly are amino acids, vitamin B, Vitamin E, and some other minerals with essential antioxidants.

How to grow hair faster with eggs and honey?

Both ingredients are famously rich sources of natural wealth. Hair and skin are the most prominent chapter when making a list of home remedies. Additionally more vitamins, fatty acids, and protein are found in both eggs and honey. By mixing of both in one plate give us double benefits. It might be a smelly mixture and not easy to apply and remain dry. But taking a shower after using this mixture gives us significant benefits in the form of shiny hair.

Final word

How do I speed up hair growth?

Many easy approach remedies are explored in the article for our readers. All these words are effectively observed by the people experience who got the benefits already. So people who are worrying about their hair too much should start at their home. Also, follow the natural remedies in the beginning to avoid artificial chemical processes, which are a big cause of hair damage. There is more about this subject in the blog. So please review all blogs to learn about hair, skin, and fragrance.

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