How to take care of skin

How to take care of your Skin

There are different kinds of skin types for every person. It may be dry, it may be oily, or it may be Sensitive Skin. For the proper care of your skin, you must first know about the type of Skin you have

Before using any cosmetic type, be concerned about your skin type; if you use the wrong type of cosmetic, it will work in your condition, like acne, dryness, or many other skin problems.

Build a daily skincare routine

A skincare routine is very, very important for all types of skincare. It doesn’t matter which type of skin you have. You must care for your skin daily to prevent acne scarring and dark spots. A daily skincare routine has four steps you can do in the morning or before sleep.

  1. Cleansing: you must use a cleanser that does not leave your skin tight after washing. It is recommended to clean your face just once or twice a day, not more than this. If you wash your face three or more than these times, it will leave your skin dry. If you have dry skin, try to avoid all kinds of makeup.
  2. Serums: you some serum containing vitamin A or c in the morning under sunset or at night before sleep
  3. Moisturizer: every kind of Skin need some moisturizers, even though oily skins also need a lightweight moisturizer, and gel-type country dry Skin needs a cream-based moisturizer or lotion base that gives their Skin some oily texture
  4. Sunscreen: Always use sunscreen before going outdoors because sunburns create CDS issues to your Skin. Your skin tone might get darker because of sunburns. Degassers even need more protection from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation because hyperpigmentation is difficult to correct once it happens.

You must try to choose the product that fits or is suitable to your skin type and sensitivity. If you have any swear skin issues, you must be concerned with the Dermatologist and use any product. Avoid buying a product from online products shops because sometime they might cause harm to your Skin.

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Some tips to take care of all kinds of skin

  • Always stay hydrated
  • Use neat and clean pillowcases and always try to change them after one week
  • This rap for washing your hair before going to bed
  • Always use sunscreen before going outdoors or going out

How to check your skin type at home that would kind of skin type you have

  1. The first home test is sebum production: sebum is a waxy gel-type liquid that comes from the pores of your epidermis. Its amount determines what kind of Skin you possess, whether it’s dry, oily, normal, or a combination of all these things.
  • Wash your face and clean it with a towel. Leave it for 30 minutes. Gently tissue paper on your face on different areas of your Skin such as nose, cheeks etc. Drab the heat in front of the light and see how trees parent the heat after touching the areas of your face, such as the nose, for head streaks. It will tell you the amount of oil that your Skin produces.


Acne is a skin condition when your hair follicles come plugged with oil painting and dead skin cells. It causes blackheads, papules or pustules. Acne is most common among the young, though it affects people of all periods. 

 Suitable acne treatments are present, but acne can be patient. The pimples and bumps heal sluggishly, and when one begins to go down, others feel to crop up. 

Depending on its inflexibility, acne can beget emotional torture and scar the skin. The before you start treatment, the lower your threat of similar problems. This is mandatory to take care of your skin by yourself as well.


 Acne signs vary depending on the inflexibility of your condition 

  •  Blackheads( closed plugged pores) 
  •  Papules( open plugged pores) 
  •  Small red, tender bumps( pustules) 
  •  pustules( papules), which are pustules with pus at their tips 
  •  Large, solid, painful lumps under the skin( nodes) 
  •  Painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the skin( cystic lesions) 

When you have to consult a dermatologist:

You have to consult a Doctor when your skin problems go far beyond the products used for skin treatment. For example, acne is getting severe and severe day by. Day scarring is the main problem that is not treated by Homemade remedies. You’ll need to contact a consultant dermatologist.

The Dermatologist may perform different kinds of tests or extraction for the acne sports that are lying beneath your Skin. Visit any consultant and professional is also part of how we are seriously concerned about special taking care of our skin.

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Final words about how to take care of skin:

Just keep in mind that your skin type is badly affected by the products you are using that you buy online or that are not given by your Dermatologist’s consult. Using the wrong products would work in the condition of your Skin. It destroys the natural glow of your Skin itself and causes redness to your Skin.

The best way to do skin care is to know what skin type you possess or what daily skincare routines will work out for your Skin. When using any skin product, it is just concerned with its ingredients, whether it is good or allergic. If you see some unwanted ingredients in the product, you might not use it because it will cause severe skin reactions.

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