how to stop hair fall

Now in the modern era, every almost second person raises the question of how to stop hair falls immediately. Hair is the key feature of our personality display. Moreover, it also boosts our personality confidence. When hair falling starts for no reason behind it. And especially when we are talking about hair, both genders male and female come into the ground. Because it’s a matter of all males and females. So today we will explore the important matter of males and females and get some easy solutions as well.

What is fall for hair?

The fall of hair can better explain in terms of the start of the shedding of hair. But in a very small negligible volume like max 50 to 100 or some experts say 70 to 130 is also fine for every day. It is either due to environmental conditions which make it sometimes temporary and sometimes it leads towards permanent loss. There are a lot of other reasons behind hair fall and hair loss. So to overcome this deficiency needs to find out the actual root cause. It could be a hormonal imbalance, water effects, stress, vitamin deficiency, etc.

Hair fall vs hair loss

We need to understand the bit difference between hair and hair loss. Even though it is a small difference but better to understand every aspect of it. Hair fall is also a kind of hair loss but it is a bit different from the initial stage when a few volumes of hair fall every day which does not affect the baldness of the scalp. But when the situation brings the head to a bald level then it can be said to be a hair loss stage. This is a simple definition of hair fall and hair loss.

Hair loss vs hair shedding

Hair loss is the phase where no more growth until the cause vanishes properly. While hair shedding temporary phase either due to any medical reason or any temporary deficiency in the body. When the reason behind shedding is done, hair grows as what they are before.

How to know my hair is falling?

In the beginning, some negligible signs come which usually people don’t notice. But here is the mistake, in the beginning, the deficiency is overcome and stops or reduces the speed of hair loss. The significantly best time to think about how to stop hair falls immediately. Both males and females have the same signs and symptoms but in female long hair, it comes in notice early instead of in males. It starts when hair comes during combing and comes out clumping as if it starts damaging.

In males usually, it is observed when hair falls and shows significant bald signs on the scalp. But females notice because of combing, oiling, and clumping the whole day many times so when hair comes into their hands gives alarms them that something is going wrong. The shower floor also gives an alarm when hair falls going in a handsome quantity. Hair fall during combing is one of the most significant alarms when there is hair shedding, loss, or fall, as well as bald patches, are also the most obvious sign but it’s not an early sign. Bald patches shows mean that already too long hair falls or loss had been.

So we must encourage everyone to find any of one or two significant signs immediately to rescue hair fall or hair loss with traditional and modern techniques.

What is the reason for hair falls?

As we discussed above we need to understand first the phenomena of hair fall and hair loss. It is a very normal thing to witness hair shedding in our daily life. But the time of worry starts when a heavy amount of hair starts shedding. Now let us explore some basic causes or reasons behind this shedding or loss of hair which can help us to get rid of the stress situation.

5 reasons for hair fall

As we mentioned above a certain limit of hair fall or shedding is normal and part of the daily mechanism. Hair fall to get new roots and hair as a part of the growth cycle. But when there is only fall or loss without any re-growth or slow growth the amount of fall or loss, then it’s considered a loss of hair. The time to start worrying about how to stop hair falls immediately and get rescued with some immediate traditional and medical treatment as well. Here we can explore some of the major causes behind hair fall and hair loss:

how to stop hair falls immediately by nutrient

Deficiencies in terms of nutrition

Here is one of the major and common causes as well for hair fall. A deficiency of nutrition in our body can slow down the growth or cause hair fall. This could be a hard diet for not taking essential ingredients like protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. which cause the deficiency, and this deficiency affects all the functions of the body.  Especially low iron causes major hair loss. So this is advisable stage to see the doctor as soon as possible to find the root cause behind this shedding or loss to cover the body deficiency. This is an effective cause for both males and females.

Pregnancy period

So here we are at the cause of hair fall specifically in females. The pregnancy period is the most critical phase in a woman’s life. During the pregnancy period, women’s body mechanisms change. As more nutrition is required overall from the beginning towards the completion phase a deficiency of nutrition is also possible. This is the period when it’s important to know how to stop hair falls immediately

The pregnancy period affects the women’s bodies differently. Some women suffer during the pregnancy period and some of them suffer after the pregnancy period which is called post-pregnancy. Post-pregnancy also has severe effects which include hair fall as well along with others. During or after the pregnancy period estrogen levels in the women’s bodies are decreasing which is overcome by the passage of time meanwhile, women suffer hair fall or loss or only shedding at a certain limit sometimes.

However as observed any hair fall during or after pregnancy is considered temporary as the body recovers from all deficiencies growth of hair becomes appropriate as before. But it also depends on how women heal it with proper medications and traditional remedies.

After effects of medications

Any medicine taken for any disease also has a side effect on the body. When the whole body or some functions of the body are disturbed then possibly causes the hair to fall as well because of the slow re-growth of new hair. Some of the medication reasons behind some allergies directly affect hair growth as well. So while using any medicine also take advice from the doctor to overcome the side effects of if any side effects are observed then immediately go to the doctor to get the proper advice.

Age effects

Age is not just a number. It affects the body including hair as well. Whatever the healthy routine life we have in the end, we need to accept the bitter reality that older age affects hair growth and causes hair fall as well. We cannot stop it but yes we can make it very slow by adopting a healthy life routine, healthy diet intake, and avoiding junk and harmful food and drinks.

As we are getting older our bodies have hormonal changes so we may experience during the changes excessive hair shredding. Hormonal imbalance directly affects the hair growth cycle. In the beginning, the growth cycle is slow as compared to shedding but slowly hair growth cycle may stop if it’s not recovered by the proper precautions with some serious remedial actions in a consistent manner.

Stress and anxiety

Anxiety and stress is the major cause of all body deficiency which include hair loss as well. Stress is the key factor in slowing down or having extremely bad effects on body functions. Anxiety and stress trigger the level of androgen in the body which can cause the hair to fall and turn our hair grey as well. Considerable thing is that stress can cause hair fall at any age even if you are at an early young age when overall body growth is at a higher level. So hair fall due to stress is a targeting factor to overcome the root cause.

Deficiency and diseases

Deficiency in the body of different nutrients could also be the reason. Many diseases could also directly affect hair production in the body. Hair fall due to uric acid and deficiency of vitamins are major factors to be considered when there is hair loss. Also, diabetic patients suffer from hair shedding.

how to stop hair falls immediately during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most women experience hair falls. During the pregnancy period, a woman’s body changes too much. This is mainly due to the estrogen level in the body increasing too much so this kind of changes going on until the estrogen level comes back to normal. So it is what we assume is a temporary hair fall during a specific period. This is true that most or almost every woman experiences hair fall but some of them experience their early trimester, some in the middle like the second trimester, and some in the third final period of pregnancy. Post-pregnancy effects also have hair fall because in some cases estrogen level doesn’t come back at once.

Post-pregnancy effects are more severe in terms of hair loss but sure it’s also temporary. Usually, it comes in the observation that within 3 or 4 months it becomes normal depending upon how your body recovers the deficiencies after delivery.

how to stop hair falls immediately by Weather effects

Hair fall is also affected by uncertain weather or any weather. We need to change our hair care routine by changing in weather. If we continue the same routine in summer and winter, then it’s not helpful for hair growth. how to stop hair falls immediately affected by weather uncertainty is also very important to know.

how to stop hair falls immediately in summer

During summer hair fall is due to more sweating on the scalp. Hair experiences more heated rays directed from the sun or high temperatures which cause dryness on the scalp and roughness is witnessed as well. Also more dandruff in our hair due to the extra topping of a humid factor in the hot air. So the hard fact is that people suffering hair fall problems during the summer season is realistically and if proper care according to certain weather is not there then more hair loss could be possible.

How to stop hair falls immediately in winter

The Winter season also has several serious effects on our hair growth. Lack of moisture during the winter season is one of the major causes of hair loss from the scalp. We are mentioning the scalp because when our scalp gets dry due to the winter season effect it brings an extra level of dryness in our hair as well which causes more breakage while combing or moving hands even in the head.

hair fall

How do reduce hair fallout naturally?

Now, let’s move to the solution after exploring the reasons and major causes of hair fall and the slow hair growth cycle. Before reaching the solution stage, we need to mention the important fact as advice for our readers any remedies or sort our matter wither how much it is effective no matter, but require proper consistently because our body needs anything consistently by keeping it as required. Here we are trying to bring easy and effective ways to stop hair fall more as well as boost the hair growth cycle. So it is possible to manage how to stop hair falls immediately by naturally only.

Intake of healthy food can help to boost the growth cycle but also used orally by different methods and mixed with other natural ingredients are benefactor as well as avoiding hair fall and loss.

  • Eggs
  • Onion juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Coconut juice
  • Flax seed
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fenugreek seeds

Benefits of eggs

A great source of protein that brings positive effects on body health overall including hair growth as well. Taking a regular manner one or two eggs in a regular food helps to maintain the hair growth cycle consistently. Then it is advisable to apply it on hair in a way to reaches at scalp and roots as well to get maximum benefits of rich protein food.


Mix one or two eggs in a bowl as the volume of hair. Add some oil (any hair oil) and yoghurt as well to the bowl with eggs. Stirring it for a few minutes until it comes in a settled and smooth layer. Then apply gently with fingers moving across the hair until all heads are moisturized with the mixture. This mixture will give great benefits to the hair, bring shinning and finish dryness from the head.

Onion juice

It’s already been approve by research that onion helps to stop hair fall as well as boost the growth cycle of hair growth. Onion is one of the rich sources of natural elements for our full body mechanism. There is a large amount of sulfur present. Also, Protein and keratin are included by every product of hair because it’s the base of the growth cycle of hair. They both are sulfur-rich components so it is very essential for hair growth. Sulfur makes hair strong as well as helps to stop hair shedding with extra hair re-growth to compensate for the hair fall.

Intake of onion with a meal or separately can help to increase blood circulation. The same result will be getting by applying onion juice to the scalp which results in fast hair growth and stops hair shedding or reduces at least the speed of hair fall.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using Onion juice

Simply get the onion juice either by manual presser or some electric tool.

Use raw onion juice only without mixing any other natural ingredients. Simply by using a cotton pad or tissue or any of which you think is easy to apply on the scalp without wasting any onion juice liquid. Try to apply as smooth all the scalp area to moisture the roots uniformly.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using Coconut oil

Onion juice with coconut oil makes a strong remedy for hair growth. For this purpose, mix an equal quantity of coconut oil and onion juice in a bowl and apply it to the scalp. Only applying uniformly is also enough but after that, due to the presence of coconut oil, some gentle massage will also give relaxation to the whole body.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using Olive oil

Olive oil is also a very healthy ingredient for health. Our hair growth is also positively effect directly by the intake of olive oil. But when olive oil is adding with onion juice in a proportion of ¾, like 3 spoons of onion juice + one spoon of olive oil get a healthy mixture for stopping hair shedding and speeding up the re-growth of our hair.

Apply this olive oil and onion juice mixture onto the scalp by doing a gentle massage and leave it for a couple of hours as remains to absorb properly.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using Castor oil

Castor oil is a famous natural ingredient to increase hair growth in different parts of the body. Eyelashes also become hairier when applied regularly. But here we are making a mixture of onion juice and castor oil on an equal basis. So once the mixture gets properly mix as according. then it is ready to apply to the scalp of the head.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using egg yolk

A smooth mixture of egg yolk and onion juice becomes a healthy mask. Once it’s ready apply gently throughout the scalp and massage it to the hair until unless moisturizes the full head. Optionally we can also cover the head because once it dries it doesn’t leave any stain anywhere or otherwise remain open for 30 or 40 minutes if bear the smell before washing the head.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using ginger juice

To get the best result we mix Ginger juice and onion juice as equal proportions in the mixture for hair growth. Also Ginger is one of the healthiest natural ingredients which we use in our daily almost every type of cooked meal.

How to stop hair falls immediately by using lemon juice

Lemon is a famous anti-oxidant with a rich source of vitamin C which is necessary for our body’s overall functions. When we mix equally in a bowl onion juice and lemon juice and apply it regularly to our scalp, brings the healthiest change in our hair. Greatly bothers the hair growth cycle and reduces hair shedding as well.

What to eat to stop hair fall immediately

We always looking for some superfood recipe to look after our all health problems including hair shedding matter as well. This issue is more common in women which might be the reason behind long hair causes hair fall. However, nowadays both males and females even at young ages suffer from hair loss issues. Our diet is also very much concerned in this matter and plays a vital role in reducing and increasing hair growth. So in case we observe hair shedding is more than a normal number then we need to change our daily diet seriously.

A well-balanced diet can play a vital role in reducing all types of deficiencies in our bodies. However, Nutritional value deficiencies can only be overcome by fulfilling proper nutrient meals in our daily schedule. So we can say this is the myth of how to stop hair falls immediately which can be sort out in several other ways. Several foods are important for our body’s health but here we are filtering out a small list that directly consistently affects hair health in our daily life.

Spinach and green leafy vegetables
Sweat potatoes

The above are some of the major ingredients of natural sources which directly increase hair health. Reduce hair loss by increasing hair production uniformly. However, these only food items are not enough, needs to add a certain amount of protein, vitamins, zinc, iron, and biotin to get a better hair growth cycle and prevent hair loss

When does usually hair fall out

So, if they’re none of the phases, is going on in your life then what is the alarming time? when we need to start some precautions to get rid of this hair loss phase in advance? And when is the right time to sort out how to stop hair falls immediately? The healthy hair period is like a ruler for wearing a hair crown. But afterwards when it’s going shedding the crown never takes off.

As one of the modern research 50 to 100 hair daily considers natural hair shedding which also gets replace by the new fresh hair. But when the limit is going to cross for some certain period then consider as an awake up call concerning the hair. Additionally, Hair fall while combing or hair fall while oiling is the straight away finding the option to know how much hair is shedding and whether it’s normal or abnormal.

If it’s about the period of life then as older we are, the more chances of hair loss. But it’s not a true myth coz several thousand people lost their hair at an early age. So we cannot assume that age is the only factor. Among several factors whenever anyone or more than anyone hits us there is the probability to suffer hair shedding.

What is the solution to hair fall?

By using different famous home remedies for hair fall and regrowth we can treat this kind of deficiency. Using oil massage regularly. But make sure the hair is wash after a couple of hours of hair oiling. Oiling is a thousand-year-old remedy for strong hair. For this purpose, we can use different kinds of oils including, castor oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and the most famous mustard oil. And this can be apply as a hair mask before and after showering. This is the best answer when questions arise about how to stop hair falls immediately.

We should take multivitamins which include all essentials for our body’s health regularly. Somewhere also advised as essentials after 40, s of age it should mandatory for us. Well, a balanced diet also plays a vital role in overcoming all types of deficiencies and weaknesses in our body.

Despite everything, all home-famous remedies and solutions are not for everyone. So should consult the consultant or professional once feel the abnormality of hair shedding to get the appropriate solution.

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