Hair care

Busy schedules of our daily life. Fast forward-moving all the time. Sometimes we must remember to care for our hair or have no idea how to look after it properly. So if you are this person, you will find the best hair care routine. But nothing gets results overnight. any routine needs consistency for permanent success.

Hair Care Routine

How can we define which one is the best hair care routine? The simple way the care schedule ensures our hair is healthy, shining, silky, and strong. A hair care routine doesn’t mean working on your hair for hours but requires a few consistent and disciplined adaptations regularly—some daily and some on a weekly or monthly basis. The result will be like a shining star of your personality because hair is one of the most important parts of your personality.

However, it is a hard fact that is hidden from us due to some specific reasons that a healthy haircare routine doesn’t require dozens of branded products. But we must realize one thing seriously; it is more than using shampoo and conditioner. It is a common concept that this type of routine is finished by using some of the products, and that’s all, which is not true.

So here, let’s start with some of the most basic things which, if you adopt in your life, will become the turning point for your hair. Take this information as a beginner guide as well if you never think beyond the use of shampoo and conditioner.

hair care routine daily & weekly

Why do we need a Haircare routine?

The question arises in our mind as to why every expert stresses regular haircare routines. The simple answer is that hair is one of the most prominent aspects of your personality display. Your personality’s true reflection comes from your hair. The healthier hair presents you with more blossom and groomed. But the fact is that this type of level; is never achieved by instant action. It needs continuous practice and care. So consider it like skincare or body care.

This is also achieved as others like at the beginning, need to know the type and nature of hair. Everyone does not have the same aspects so as the same implement at the routine subject. The best routine for one is different from the other. Everyone is according to their nature and type. Afterwards, find the root cause of your damage or weakness in the hair. Try to find the solution yourself or visit any dermatologist for a consultation.

Nowadays, chemical treatments that at once bring a major change in the hair cause severe damage in the long run. Any chemical, even hair dye, will also cause damage and is useful regularly, Such toxic chemicals will bring severe damage.

Hair Care routine mandatory items

Some of the mandatory items required before starting this discipline though you have any kind of hair.

  • Microfiber towel
  • Hairdryer with adjustable speed and heat factor
  • Spray or any lotion for heat protection
  • Any shampoo and conditioner based on the type of hair or recommended for your hair
  • I also need some of the styling products, which I will explain further in detail, for example, gel, mousse, spray, oil, brush according to hair type, hair mask, and flat iron.
  • Accelerate and better understand the hair routine by dividing it into daily and weekly in the beginning.
  • Keep in your mind whatever you start make it regularly as per schedule for the best results

Daily Routine for hair care


Experts say it’s no longer healthful and recommendable for anyone to wash hair daily with shampoo. And when we have been in the category of curly or thick hair, it is advisable not to practice this as mandatory. The reason or myth behind this advice is actually due to the presence of some ingredients which cause dryness in the hair. And when your hair is already dry, imagine the result. So the advisable practice is to limit your washes to a maximum of 2 or 3 times a week. It is a healthy practice that is advised by the dermatologist as well. Always read the ingredients list while purchasing the most important shampoo. The shampoo is more beneficial and contains organic ingredients.


It is essential for every hair. So it’s not a matter what type of hair you have, you should use the conditioner. But it doesn’t mean using a lot without a limit. Excess of everything is bad. Unless dryness reflected in the hair is extraordinary. There are more benefits if used within limits. It locks in moisture on your tresses, smoothing down frizz. Apply gentle conditioner to the hair and leave it for a couple of minutes, then wash it gently to clean it from the roots.

Shaping or designing

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, the most important step is to shape or design the hair according to your choice. For this, different types of tools and products are used. All tools, including straighteners, flat irons, and dryers, are almost heat producers artificially. So need to be very careful and use only recommended products, including heat protectants. So it is advisable to use protectants before applying any shaping tools. These heat protectants are a protective barrier between your hair and shaping tools or products. As a result, we successfully save our hair from getting dry out, dull and damaged, or any harm.

Weekly Routine for hair care

Oil massage

We are talking about weekly, so we must look for herbal and organic practices. Oil massage has been the best practice for hair strength for so long. Even without modern products, people use herbal oils for their hair strength and smoothness. An oil massage opens the roots in the hair. Hair becomes so strong and smooth. Dryness becomes vanishes from the head.

Oils contain healthy natural ingredients, including vitamins and fatty acids. Oiling is like to provide a supplement to the hair and scalp. Gentle massage nourishes each component from root to tip. Apply hair oils a minimum of one or two times a week.

Bottomless conditions

I use the word bottomless for hair conditioning because it is one or two times recommended in a week. Unless it is different from regular conditioning, it is included with a hair mask and lotions or creams, which makes hair strong and smooth. It is a time-consuming procedure, so it is advisable to do it once or twice a week.

Healthy habits include Hair care

Other than applying different things to your hair, certain habits in the daily routine need to be practised routine life that needs to practice. It includes your diet routine. Use more organic food. Avoid junk and soda drinks. You are using a balanced diet. Avoid obesity. Get plenty of sleep every day other than pending it till the weekend. Avoid hydration.

Hair wash routine

Certain factors are considered when you are planning to wash your hair. It is certainly approved by every consultant that washing hair every day could be better. At the same time, you are using shampoo while washing the hair cause of the removal of essential moisture and other natural things, which is mandatory to stay hydrated. So I am trying to categorise some of the natural situations when you can decide to wash your hair.

Hair type

Advisable practices are only uniformly implemented by some. Everyone has their nature and type. So also it is implementing subject to the hair care. The nature and type of hair can decide its washing routine every day or twice a week. Instead of a curly type, a straight one should have a routine of washing regularly or almost daily to make it clean. So same as it depends upon the type of hair.

Oily type

This type of hair has an open invitation for pollution and dirt: so clogged pores and some other major diseases, including dandruff. So people in this category should wash their hair almost daily to remove oil stains and grease from the scalp.

Sports lovers people.

Suppose you are the type of person who loves to work out or sport every day. Or indulge in some activities which expose more sweating. Then you should wash your head and hair every day.

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