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Hair is an important part of our body and mainly displays our personality. Hair types and styles are both important for our look. Hairstyle depends on which of our hair types and personality which include looks, colour, health etc. to get the ideal hairstyle for yourself. Not every hairstyle could suit everyone.

How to identify

Some further subclasses of the main class help to identify its hair types and nature. Now the question is why it’s important to know the category and type of hair. Because we cannot take care of our hair properly unless couldn’t get to know every detail deeply. Every type of hair requires a unique type of care.

Look for hair types that mean

For more understanding, we can make it clearer and more explainable in simple words for you. Hair could be straight or curly, mostly, but it’s not yet finished here. The hair class classifies nature according to the type of curl or straight. What type of curl is it, and how long has it existed? Kinky hair represents a different class. All products used at home or commercially vary according to nature and hair types. Moreover, hairstyles are also defined after exploring the nature of hair.

how to identify Hair types

Hair types and their reorganization

 Mainly by look, we can assume the nature and type of hair. But the amazing thing is that those types are classified into 12 more subclasses. But mainly, we can classify them into four types for their better care which are here below:

All above classes of hair are further sub-classified into A, B & C.

I want to add one more explanation regarding etc. We can change the style and appearance of our hair completely for the time being with the help of these tools and procedures, which is not advisable for the health of our hair, by the way. But soon after, the hair comes back to the original nature of our hair. Only some of the severe major medical therapies like cancer or some severe diseases can affect worse on hair which can even change the nature and type of hair from the roots.

Moreover, a simple hair chart helps to determine the various other important factors to know when trying to explore the exact type of hair. Let’s explore the subject with some extra information.

hair type

Straight Hair types

Hair without a curly pattern can be classified as a straight type. But thickness can vary depending on the sub-categories A, B & C. These A, B & C can be distinguished based on thickness and other factors.

1A Straight-type hair

This is one of the finest forms of straight-type hair. 1A straight type is classified by its thickness and without any single curl from the scalp. The type is presentable, like healthy and glowing hair. Easy to brush and handle with care. But this type is oily sometimes in most people.

1B straight hair type

The medium thickness and little glossy distinguish the 1B straight type hair. We cannot expect its type of straight hair to be curl-free.

1C Straight hair type

The 1Cstraight hair type falls in the straight class, but the wavy and curly nature is full of form. The only thing that curls or wavy hair is slight instead of a rough look.

Wavy hair and its types

The wavy type of hair is the most wanted shape by people. It falls in the gorgeous look category, which every stylish and classy person like. However, the hair is wavy and curly by nature but is not as rough as curly hair is. Soft look but S is in shape even after brushing. And sometimes also, the hair cannot be found in a curly nature because of its fabulous look and softness, but an S shape is always there.

Despite the main type, nature and the type of hair can only be distinguished by the sub-category of the main type. Because it’s more detail-wise and deeply defines the hair’s nature. By finding the sub-category, we can choose the best products, care styles, and ways for our hair. More sub-classification of this type are below:

2A Wavy-type hair

With some small tools at home, this wavy hair is fine and easy to refine from curl. Due to its delicate and soft wavy nature, its long term can adjust its free of wavy style when using some blow dryer or hot iron.

2B Wavy-type hair

Now, this kind of wavy hair gives some resistance to changing the shape or style. Comparatively not hard, but we can assume the resistance begins against the process of styling or changing shape. It’s a little rough by look as well. But the most beautiful benefit is the natural style of this type of hair. People who own the 2B wavy hair always look stylish even when they wake up from deep sleep.

2C wavy-type hair

So this is the third kind of wavy type of hair. This type of hair can be well defined by nature as it looks perfectly S and represents its class perfectly. Anyone can distinguish it easily by a simple look. This type of hair requires more straightening procedures and products to make it calm and soft by look. People are always busy with their hair while going anywhere where. More procedures, more visits to saloons, and more products are consumed by people to make their hair in some style way.

Curly hair and its types

This is the 3rd type of hair. This is the finest form of curl and clears compared to wavy hair but slightly less than the kinky type. It’s a weak type of hair that can easily be damaged by even small pulling or moving a hand through it. This is also a notable thing or can say extra advance precaution to avoid damaging the hair that forgets the brushing or combing to get in form. A famous style in this type of hair is the pony style after taking conditioning, which gives softness for some time or till dryness. Pony style is better in the case of long hair, but for short hair, let the hair go in its way instead of forcing them to be here and there.

Due to the curly type, this hair needs more moisturization after small intervals sometimes instead of occasionally. So there are certain precautions while moisture products are in use. Refrain from excessively using. Please avoid silicone and sulphates because they are big reasons for damaging our hair. Also, tools that make hair straight or remove curls temporarily damage the hair with curls. So need more care and attention when taking any hair service at home or during salon visits.

 To understand better, Let’s explore classification in terms of A, B & C.

3A Curly-type hair

This sub-class owned by the hair contains loose and clear curls as presentable. This kind of hair is stylish in class and can be modified into curly designs, but at the same time, it’s weak by nature. Pulling back in the form of a ponytail can deform the curl from its original shape. Hair loss is very common in this kind of hair.

3B Curly-type hair

The kind of hair has a wide circumference. This is the type of hair that requires more moisture due to its roughness characteristics. Whatever the moisture products bring, their dryness less not go in the long run. Moreover, it’s not only overall.

3C Curly-type hair

So this is the 3rd sub-category of curly hair type. It contains tighter and spongy type curls. People who have this kind of hair class usually avoid more combing which results in the breakage of hair. So let the use of conditioner or shampoo make hair in the form or style and let it be. Though the curls are denser and have a circumference like a long pen.

Kinky hair and its types

This is the 4th kind of hair type. One of the tightest and toughest curls in curly hair. This kind of hair tends to be thick and impenetrable. People with this hair usually assume it takes some extra services to get its roughness down. Hair is drier and has almost no oily and moisture on the scalp. This is one of the weakest forms of hair, with very low protection from damage.  The kind requires more oiling and products with extra care to make it stable and avoid damage.

Let’s explore its further sub-classifications A, B & C to get more clarity about it.

4A Kinky-type hair

The kind of kinky hair is clearer in its shape and shape with tight curls in rough form. The curl pattern is a clear definition of the S shape. The kind of hair cannot get oily so professionals advise while purchasing hair care products to use an ingredient with care products to use an ingredient that has extra oil. But same time, we need to clarify only oil is not the source of moisturizing our hair. More products include butter, some good creams, and lotions with extra fragrance features to avoid some smells if you don’t like them.

4B Kinky-type hair

The kind of hair is a thing or uneven in shape. Also, the shape of the curl does not have clarity about any shape. Even if we want to define it, the best term is zig zag because it’s without uniformity and smoothness, which gives proper shape.

4C Kinky-type hair

The kind of hair surface varies from one to another. But we can say the type of hair is gentle somehow. But this is one of the tightest forms of curl. The presentation of hair also could be better. Somehow its more chance of breakage and damage while combing and brushing. More hair services are required for the hair in small intervals. Here this hair dryness level is very high, so for moisture, different products with the extra feature of miniaturization are advisable. So far, more variety still exists in styling hair, and it’s like a moving moment in the hair, whatever the form it comes.

hair styles

Final word

All the hair types mentioned above belong to us. It’s not about taking services from some top salon, but if the hair services are different from the type of hair, then it’s not only useless but also brings a harmful effect on hair. Every type of hair has some ingredient at a high level, and some are low. So knowing the type helps us to balance the deficiency or bring the low level to the optimum level, as every great remedy for not every type concerning every chapter.

Hair classifies into 4 main categories along with some subcategories as well.

Try to avoid as many as you can from heat styling tools and procedures

Yes, oil is one of the important ingredients which is essential for hair health but the quantity or repetition of oiling depends upon the kind of hair. As some, hair type naturally produces oil so in case less oiling is advisable.

Yes, it is absolutely true. Well, discipline and a healthy diet are the key secrets to hair health and strength.

It does matter because all-natural and artificial procedures are according to the requirement of your type of hair. Every hair type needs something more and some of the ingredients produce naturally so in case if we don’t know the exact need of our hair we can mistreat the hair.

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