How to cut your own hair

Sometimes it’s not a matter of money or time. So how to cut your hair is all about taking our self-charge of the tasks performed in our life as a daily routine. Dedicate to the people who assume this activity impossible by self-perform. How to cut your hair is an interesting question with a usually not advisable answer. But my dear readers it’s not true. because it’s very much possible as other activities we can handle in our life. We can manage our hair by ourselves and it is possible. That is what we are going to explore with the help of some techniques and hacks as well. The end of this beautiful and fruitful writing will make you an expert or at least capable of getting your hair cut at home by yourself. Especially during COVID-19, every person needs to know about the skill.

How to cut your hair Concerning Gender base

There is a big difference between cutting in women and men. But it’s not like anyone in between haircut is easy. Both are tricky and hard to cut to shape up as per desire. To be honest, a haircut is a skill that comes with practice. The famous quote “practice makes the man perfect”.

How to cut your hair men

Cutting own hair by men is very tricky. Sitting in front of the mirror and moving both hands with tools to cut the hair is not an easy task by the way. Hair is the true live presentation of your personality so there is no chance of a mistake. So once hands are moving it’s all about luck and the experience of men who are practising this. Even most experienced haircutters are not taking this risk to cut hair on their own. But here we need to explore this because maybe sometimes some situations require practice by any of us.

Before starting hair on my own

The question is should I cut my hair? The answer comes in during the COVID-19 period when hair saloons are the big source of the transfer of germs from one another. When all salons are closed for a long then almost everyone tries this at home on their own or by asking help from any of the family members by using their tools.

Let’s understand the whole mechanism of hair in some of the simple steps elaborated here as below:

Finalize the haircut by synchronizing the different hairstyles.

hair cut

The place where you want to perform this activity should be according to the standard.

Lighten the area. Proper mirrors are fitted or placed there.

The place should be dry enough so no hair remains on the floor. After the hair cut uses the cleaner to suck the hair from the ground properly instead of using any mop which is not enough to clean everything of hair.

Shampoo and condition the hair and wash it properly before starting the hair. This makes hair smooth and brings it to its original shape and volume.

Start hair cut from the sides of the head.

Back of the head

Now let’s move toward the back of the head. For this use the handheld mirror with a zoom lens. Use any good moving sharp clipper from down to upward before the tip of the head, again and again, to make it a smooth bed at the back of your head. Please make it in your mind that while doing this do not be in a hurry. Calmly and be patient while performing haircuts from the back especially.

The back of the head style of the hair depends on the neck type. What type of neck we have according to the appropriate shape should be designated.

Top of the head

Now it turns to move on the top of the head. Here we need also our fingers to cut the hair smoothly. We need to start from one side either right or left with the finger grip. Start cutting the hair as required smoothly to another side. Then repeat it with the same level of grip and cut the remaining hair. It’s necessary to grip at same the extent as every repetition.

Finally, with the help of a comb but with the same level of grip which we did with our hands. Use the sharp clipper to move all around the head to clean the remaining small hair tips.

Some Important techniques

Let’s explore some of the best hair-cutting techniques to achieve the best hairstyle.

1.   Use the right tools: Invest in professional hair-cutting scissors. Regular household scissors can cause uneven cuts and damage your hair. Additionally, you may need hair clippers if you plan to do a shorter or more complex haircut.

2.   Prepare your hair: Start with clean and dry hair. Comb or brush your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles or knots.

3.   Research and gather references: Look for pictures or videos of your desired hairstyle. A visual reference can guide you and help you understand the required technique.

4.   Start with minor cuts: It’s always better to trim less hair initially and gradually cut more if needed. Remember, you can’t put the hair back once it’s cut.

5.   Take your time: Cutting your hair requires patience. Go slowly and carefully, especially if it’s your first time. Rushing can lead to mistakes and uneven cuts.

6.   Use multiple mirrors: Position mirrors strategically to see the back of your head. A handheld mirror or a more oversized mirror behind you can help you get a better view.

7.   Work with sections: Divide your hair into manageable sections using hair clips or bands. Begin your haircut from the back and lead towards the front with the same strategy. This way, you can maintain control and ensure a more even cut.

8.   Trim small amounts: Trim a little bit at a time. Avoid making significant cuts at once, as it increases the risk of making mistakes.

9.   Be cautious with bangs: Cutting bangs can be tricky. Cut them when dry and use minor, vertical cuts to achieve the desired length gradually.

10. Check and adjust: After each cut, put down your scissors and check your hair in the mirror. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a balanced look.

Remember, cutting your hair can be challenging, and highly advisable to get services from a hairstylist if you’re uncertain or want a more complex haircut.

A final word about how to your hair

Hurrah! You did it. Finally, you make it possible on your own without taking any help from anyone. In our lives, we need to learn almost every type of skill because nobody when we need to perform it on our own.

Make sure if this is the first time then do not engage yourself in a hard and confusing type style. Remember, cutting your hair can be challenging, and highly advisable to get services from a hairstylist if you’re uncertain or want a more complex haircut.

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