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Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Usually, the concept is to protect harmful layers from sunlight, heat, dust, and uncertain atmospheric conditions; applying to cleanse regularly can make your skin healthy. But the question is whether this is enough to get optimum results. Probably not. Because several other factors should be considered to get optimum results, we should only give a little time for deep skin care in our busy schedules.

skin care

Despite everything, we can still pamper ourselves by following some basic rules. To delay the natural ageing of the skin and stop several other problems regarding our skin need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Before starting a skincare routine

While considering skincare, we should not go directly on applying lotions and creams. There are still many other indirect factors that influence greatly. In fact, without it, no lotion, cream, or mask could work. Everything needs protocol in the sense of before or after to get the maximum results.

So let’s start with the following steps mainly including in skin care:

Healthy in taking

Intake of a healthy diet triggers the skin to function at a high level quickly. This one is an essential part of the skincare routine. Everything in your body connects directly or indirectly with your stomach. Your digestion system is the spokesperson for your body. If your stomach is fine, all other functionality improves day by day. So it’s important to analyze our stomachs while starting a skincare routine.

We just had a look at the overall intake routine every day. Count the ingredients that we are taking every day. Quantity with quality is the key factor—oily, junk, and processed food artificially manufactured products damage stomach function.

Essential things for our body are to participate diet of plenty of vegetables, fruits, and seafood and somehow avoid or reduce the intake of red meat, which causes high cholesterol.

As a matter of skincare, keeping hydrated is the most important thing. So drinking plenty of water at different intervals could help the skin hydrate. Even though modern science has not yet clearly given a stance on it. But staying hydrated practice is good for health.

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Any kind of smoking is bad for health. It also badly affects our bodies and skin. Avoiding smoking takes us one step closer to a healthy, happy life. Smoking causes thinner blood vessels which is the reason behind heart attack. Also, low blood flow in our body causes dark spots or pale skin colour.

Sun protection

Protection from the sun is a very famous myth in skin routine. It’s very accurate. It plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy. Sun exposure brings ageing to the skin, causing wrinkles and other skin diseases.

So as less sun exposure, the more chances we get results from our proper healthy skincare routine. It’s not like we have to avoid the sun all day, especially from midday to before one or two hours of sunset. During this time, sun exposure is a great strength. Rays that come directly from the sun have strong potential. So use any preventive measures appropriate for us—using proper clothing, sunglasses, hats, sunshades in vehicles, etc., all work.


 The skincare routine starts with cleansing. So proper cleansing is the key factor for achieving our target of cleansing using any cleanser from any well-known brand. Washing the face and cleansing after a hectic work routine give freshness to the face.

Cleaning is the process of consistently repeating daily. Face washing practice should be performed twice a day. After applying any cleanser, include a massage of the face and hands with moisturiser. A toner can also remove the traces of oil dirt captured while exposed to dust and pollution. So any skin follows these basic rules before jumping to an advanced level where one needs to follow the routine per skin type and nature.


Sleeping routine

Along with a healthy diet, get enough sleep. A proper sleep routine is very important. The importance of sleep can get the idea that only a few days of sleepless routines will damage our skin properly. Our skin represents the sleepless routine. Anyone can easily get an idea about our sleepless routine, which is against skin care schedules.

 Ideally recommended 7 to 8-hour sleep is good for health. But if we are in the category who used to be sleepless all the time, adopt the routine even 6 hours is enough.

Personal recommendations regarding skincare

I think our skincare should be based on natural ingredients rather than adopt several fancy treatments, which nowadays are advised by almost every dermatologist or skincare consultant. Based on the natural way, skincare brings long-lasting results. But there are factors, by the way. If we are the type of people using more and more extra makeup kits, natural ingredients are not enough to fight the side effects of these chemical makeups.

Skincare is a very gentle procedure. I always advise treating skin very gently. Results will not come overnight, but hands will speak for themselves once progress appears on the face.

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