The subject is to get healthy, glowing nails. How to be the best nail holders. It has no personal myth but a healthy daily routine with proper discipline. Nail care also has a proper routine consisting of oral and food intake. But many of us neglect it, which is unfair because healthy nails are important to your personality. Whose role is an important part of your personality display?

We are the type of people who constantly pick and bite our nails as a form of self-care. It also may be the reason for the religious aspect. But whatever the reason behind it, it’s good to be in the daily routine of your lifestyle. Well-groomed nails are an important part of your personality. Help to leave a better impression on others about their taste and personality.

Concerned about our nail health always pushes us to visit a dermatologist once in a time. So it is the main display of our body where we can easily find out if any negligence or deficiency exists. But there are several ways to make it healthy and strong by changing the daily routine. Changes in the diet routine. changes in the way of caring.

Before starting any treatment or adopting any new routine we need to know about the health status of it. It is also possible without having any consultation with a dermatologist by indicating the signs and symptoms. Yes, the signs explain everything about the current scenario of health not only for it but also for other parts of the body as well. Some of the major things I can discuss here:

Healthy Signs

Display faces are very pleasant

It has a pinkish-white colour

They are not full ridges

Including with cuticles

Absence of any dark lines.

Their strength is more

Their looks elaborate itself

healthy nails

Unhealthy Signs

They haven’t the pinkish colour

They are more breakable

Cuticles are not existent

Dryness is existing clearly which results in vitamin deficiency.

Iron deficiency could result from spoon-shaped nails.

Painting and polishing also damage the roots

unhealthy nails

Actually nails have great impression on your personality. Every shape has an impact according to design and color. So either choose the opinion of any expert or if you want go on your own way, then keep in your mind while selecting the nail shape should match your nail beds. Also with your skin, hand shape, finger length etc. It’s pretty much easy to decide as which one you like the most with your criteria, choose it use it and throw it. As I think every choice is appropriate which apparently suit to your hand and your mind. However, several options always stay for you with different shapes and designs.

As for your easiness to select the appropriate one, we can make some categories for you

Best Nails shape for fat fingers

Despite of chubby or fatty fingers they look pretty by adopting shape of Squoval, round, oval, like round shape in different types looks much better than other.

Best Nails shape for long fingers

There are multiple options in nail shapes for long fingers. For long fingers almond shaped, coffin shaped will also be a good match.

Best Nails shaped for short fingers

For short fingers we suggest if can pair with oval, stiletto, almond and other pointy nail shapes are the best match.

Best Nails shape for big hands

For big hands we suggest oval, lipstick, flare and edge shaped are the best match.

best nails
nail strenth
unhealthy nails
nail shape
nail look

For better decision either choose your judgement or visit any saloon for the consultancy. As Nails have great impact on your personality. It’s important to choose the right choice match with your personality. They speak it self when choose wisely.

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